One day soon, patients will be demanding that they receive appropriate and effective solutions to their healthcare needs in one place.
WINTECARE helps healthcare professionals develop their practices into fast, dependable solution providers able to meet this demand.

Our name is inspired by what we do.
Winning technologies and techniques for healthcare.

It is our conviction that only experienced professionals equipped with the right tools can provide outstanding results.
Leveraging scientific and empirical studies, WINTECARE conceives, designs, develops and manufactures healthcare technologies and treatment programs, creating a new concept of wellbeing that puts people at the center.
We bring together medical products and knowledge in carefully-formulated programs offered to healthcare professionals in tailored training courses. Our mission is to help them generate greater trust in the eyes of their patients and clients.
We organize our work programs in three worlds: Rehabilitation, Performances, Body conditioning.


Our specialist Gabriele Bertelli at work performing a T-Plus treatment on top athlete Erblira Bici, volleyball player in the Albanian national team, regular first-team member of Pallavolo Igor NovarašŸ.

#AskTheExpert: understanding as quickly as possible not only the aim of the therapy, but also the psychology of the athlete are the main challenges in dealing with professional athletes. Thanks @fabio_bertenghi for the feedback! What do you think about it?

@claudiofreti illustrates the benefits and operation of the T-Plus tecar technology at the Athens and Thessaloniki seminars organized by our partners MedLab Solutions and @sttsimpos .

Marie-Josée Ta Lou was born to be a champion. In every competition she challenges herself to go beyond her limits and she always wins her battle. We're proud to support champions like her with our team and technology during competitions.

Because of its effects of deep stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic system, the effect developed by tecarterapia, allows considerable progress in the resolution of tendinitis and tendinopathies, greatly reducing time and costs.

Between sports, physical preparation and rehab, even the World Pole Vault Center at Formia has chosen our tecar technology to take care of its athletes. We want to send our special thanks to @nikviscu44 for his contribution to the Wintecare project!

Another DL, a lot of athletes to care of! @jbasiliomacedo worked hard to warm up the engines of all the athletes who asked our support in Oslo!

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