One day soon, patients will be demanding that they receive appropriate and effective solutions to their healthcare needs in one place.
WINTECARE helps healthcare professionals develop their practices into fast, dependable solution providers able to meet this demand.

Our name is inspired by what we do.
Winning technologies and techniques for healthcare.

It is our conviction that only experienced professionals equipped with the right tools can provide outstanding results.
Leveraging scientific and empirical studies, WINTECARE conceives, designs, develops and manufactures healthcare technologies and treatment programs, creating a new concept of wellbeing that puts people at the center.
We bring together medical products and knowledge in carefully-formulated programs offered to healthcare professionals in tailored training courses. Our mission is to help them generate greater trust in the eyes of their patients and clients.
We organize our work programs in three worlds: Rehabilitation, Performances, Body conditioning.


Thanks to the technology and competence of the WINTECARE specialists, Nike offers top tecar treatments to its athletes at the HERCULIS meeting in Monaco🇲🇨 . ___________________________ You’ll find us in the Festival II Nike treatment room at the Fairmont Hotel. 📞Whatsapp Booking: +41765702145

Sooner or later, anybody doing sport, whether at a competitive or amateur level, may have an accident. It is fundamentally important to redefine existing priorities, find a good specialist who can organise a tailored treatment plan, work hard and remain focused on the final goal. .

We set out for a new world athletics appointment, this time in Monaco (France) for the international Herculis meeting. To book a session with our specialists, send us a Direct or Whatsapp message to +41765702145.

Colin Hill puts into practice what he has learnt about using T-Plus Tecar technology. Good job Colin! #Repost "Such an amazing privilege to offer Tecar Technology with the new wintecare machine to an Olympic athlete. Wad such a pleasure to treat SA Long jump athlete @thenumber1jumper today, all the way from Bloemfontein #tecar #wintecare #physio #colinphysio "

Here are 2 frames from our tutorial on the application of Tecar technology in the specific case of treatment for lower back pain. To learn more or view the full version of the video, write to specifying the code LOMBALGY in your message.

#asktheexpert : While working on muscles, you should never forget to stimulate the circulatory system, true @beatrixu?😉

The Wintecare specialists at work at the various DL meetings this year. What many of them share is a desire to solve problems, contribute to a project, take part in a path of development, and generate and share knowledge🙌🏻. Be “the ones” is their daily challenge.

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