One day soon, patients will be demanding that they receive appropriate and effective solutions to their healthcare needs in one place.
WINTECARE helps healthcare professionals develop their practices into fast, dependable solution providers able to meet this demand.

Our name is inspired by what we do.
Winning technologies and techniques for healthcare.

It is our conviction that only experienced professionals equipped with the right tools can provide outstanding results.
Leveraging scientific and empirical studies, WINTECARE conceives, designs, develops and manufactures healthcare technologies and treatment programs, creating a new concept of wellbeing that puts people at the center.
We bring together medical products and knowledge in carefully-formulated programs offered to healthcare professionals in tailored training courses. Our mission is to help them generate greater trust in the eyes of their patients and clients.
We organize our work programs in three worlds: Rehabilitation, Performances, Body conditioning.


Pole vaulting is a combination of gymnastics, weight-lifting, sprinting and jumping. Pole vaulters must be fast, powerful, strong and agile, just like Olympic champion @thiagobrazpv whose amazing results have seen him become a national hero for the Brazilians.

Constancy in training and hard work are what pay during competitions. Precisely this dedication is what led @laura_ikauniece to win a silver medal at the 2012 European championships in Helsinki, a bronze in the 2015 world championships in Beijing and arrive fourth in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. This is how she ended up an example for many Latvian boys and girls.

After preparing themselves mentally and physically, today the athletes will be giving it their all to beat records in the various disciplines. Who will be getting a medal

The heat does not stop our specialist Gabriele Bertelli who provides non-stop support for those athletes who have booked a session in the Crowne Plaza Hotel! To book an appointment, message us on Whatsapp at +41765702145!

Despite it being 15th August, a big Italian holiday yesterday, we are already on the road for a new appointment with the Grand Prix in BirminghamšŸ‡¬šŸ‡§!

Hideyuki Shibachi is a Japanese physiotherapist. He works in the sport environment with the mission to help the athlete to get a good physical condition and live better. Our little samurai is always ready to pick up the call and fly all over the world where is support is needed! #technicalcommittee

Joao Basilio Rodrigues Macedo is a physiotherapist and osteopath. He is always "up-to-date" with recent scientific publications in the field of physical therapy, so he helps us to define our athletic rehabilitation therapy programs. If you’ve a problem with Basilio the success is guaranteed.

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